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Robert Adams on Personal Problems

I get many phone calls. One of the most frequent requests I get is how to resolve personal problems. I had one this morning, a phone call. And this person had so many problems, yet she has been meditating for twenty-five years and she still has problems. There’s only one way in which to remove all problems. I don't care how great the problem may be. It makes no difference how serious you think it is. There is one way to eliminate everything. And that way is to realize, "I am not the doer." In other words, the problem has absolutely nothing to do with you, even though it appears to, it's only an appearance.


What is a problem really? A problem is something that’s not going your way. The world is not spinning the way you want it to, that's a problem. Things are not going the way you'd like them to or things are happening that you have no control of, you believe therefore you have got a problem. But if you look at everybody on this earth, one person's problem is not another person's problem usually.


Where do these problems come from? We’ve been told what’s good and what’s bad, so if we don't have the good that we think we should have, we've got a problem. But really, nothing is good and nothing is bad, but thinking makes it so. If you therefore get rid of your mind, you will not have any problems. The main aspect of our teaching is to annihilate the mind and the ego. When the mind and ego are transcended some mysterious power takes over and takes better care of you than you could ever do yourself. But first the mind and ego has to go.


It's difficult for most Americans to do things like this because we've been taught to use your mind. Mind is everything and most of you believe if you don't use your mind you will vegetate.


On the contrary, what is your mind? It is only a conglomeration of thoughts of the past and of the future. You usually worry about the past and dread the future. For your mind brings up all sorts of things not only from this life but from past life experiences, samskaras, tendencies that you have.


If you begin to realize "I am not the doer" where is the problem? To begin with, the universe is your friend and can never hurt you. The substratum of all existence is love. Consequently, if you develop a consciousness of love there will be no problems, for love will take care of everything. Love is the same as absolute awareness, pure intelligence. Love is the same as parabrahman. Again, it is the substratum of all existence. So if you have enough love there is no problem.


The problem only arises when you think that you are human and you think you're the doer, in other words, when you believe that unless I do this something terrible will happen. But again, something terrible is only a preconceived idea, it is not the truth. Something terrible is something you've been brainwashed to believe. You again believe you have to live a certain way and if you can't live this way, it's terrible. You have to have certain possessions, certain things in your life. If you do not do this it's terrible. When you start to understand what, "I am not the doer" means, you become free of all problems.


What does it mean when you say, "I am not the doer?" (And this is what you should do whenever you think you've got a problem.) To begin with, you first realize that everything, and I mean everything, was determined before you came to this earth. Everything has been planned for you. Even the day you're going to give up the body. Everything is preordained. If you accept this and feel this, where is the problem? What's the worst thing that can ever happen to you? If you really analyze it, it's not that bad. It appears bad but it's not. And remember how the appearance works. It's like the snake and the rope. A man gets out of his bathtub in the dark and steps on a rope and he thinks it's a snake and he has a tremendous fear. When he finds out it’s only a rope the fear dissipates and he is never afraid again of that problem.


So, in the same instance, when you believe, and believe, and think, and think that you have a problem, it's like the snake and the rope. It's not really a problem, it's just a preconceived idea of what's going to happen if you don't get what you want. Because you have been brought up again, to believe that your life has to be a certain way, where in truth and reality it does not have to be anyway.


As an example, if I go home this evening and I find out somebody has robbed my house, and they have cleaned everything out of my house, is that a problem? It’s all been preordained. This was determined before I came to this earth in my body. I will not react negatively. I will not react at all. Because I feel that I am the universe and all is well. There are no mistakes. Therefore I will bless the thief, no problem whatsoever. If I'm walking across the street and a car passes a red light and hits me, it isn't the drivers fault. It has all been preordained. So why should I get angry? The point is that everything, everything
that's happened to you, has been preordained. There is nothing wrong.


Now how should you handle things? The first concept is to realize that, "I am not the doer." When you realize you are not the doer it means that your body is going through the experience but not you. The next thing you do is you ask yourself, "Who is having this experience? To whom does it come? It comes to me. I'm feeling the depression. I feel hurt. I feel out of sort. I feel that I've been robbed or hit by a car. I'm angry, I'm mad. Who is this I? How can the I be so many things, angry, mad, depressed, hurt, out of sort?" You therefore hold onto the feeling of I. You hold onto that feeling and you follow it through to its source. The source of I is always consciousness or absolute awareness, when you follow it to its source. But now, the only way you can follow it to its source is to forget about your problem, for you can't do both at once.


So, you have to turn resolutely away from your problem, totally away from the problem, as if it doesn't exist, and hold on to the me. Hold onto the me who thinks it has a problem. As soon as you begin to hold onto me, or I, the problem will begin to dissipate all by itself, and you'll start to laugh, you will. For it is virtually impossible for your real Self to have a problem. For your real Self is omnipresent, absolute. Your real Self is emptiness, nirvana, pure intelligence. Your real Self is omnipresent, it's everywhere present at the same time. When you understand who you are, no-thing will ever disturb you again.


Now people ask me, "If I develop a sense of I and I follow it to its culmination, does that mean I will never have a problem again?" And I have to laugh when people ask me that, for as long as you're identifying with I, it is the I that has the problem. So when you say, "Will I never have a problem again?" you're defeating your own purpose. For I is filled with problems, not only from this life but from previous existences. The trick is to follow the I to the source, and then the I will disappear, totally, completely, absolutely. And when the I disappears, so does your problem. In other words, the world doesn't change
but you do. Your reaction changes. Just like the screen and its images. When the time comes when you have transcended I, you become like the screen and like the images shown on the screen. Which means the world does not change. Everything in the world will present itself to you like it always does, but it will be like water off a duck's back. It will not be attached to you anymore. You will now have identification with the screen, or with the Self.


Am I clear in this? In other words, the screen and the images are the same, but the screen is aware of itself and also of its images, and it's not affected by the kind of images you show. You can show a bank robbery taking place on the screen, a murder being committed, people making love, houses burning down, wars ensuing. How does that affect the screen? It does not. The screen is never affected, yet the images change, one after the other.


In the same way, your Self is like the screen. It is never affected by problems of any kind or any sort. The problems come upon the screen, they come and they go, but you remain the Self forever. You never change.

How do you begin to become this way? Every time you think you have a problem you must ask yourself, "To whom does the problem come? After all, I am not the doer. I am not the body. I am not the mind. So to whom does the problem come?" And of course the answer will be, "To me. I feel this problem. The problem comes to me." You hold onto the me, you abide in the me and you go deeper, and deeper, and deeper within yourself, abiding in the I-consciousness. As you keep doing this everyday, every time a problem appears, the day will finally come soon when you transcend your sense of I. You totally

transcend it. The sense of I disappears and you will become pure consciousness. That's it. --- Robert Adams