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1. An Also-Ran 2. The Songs that We Sing 3. Two Kinds of Love

An Also-Ran

God, I know not the purpose

For which you put me on earth

But with the hunger-pangs

I do not have the luxury

Of pondering such questions

And I run as others run

With the only difference

Most others cope well with life

Whereas I'm an also-ran.

The Songs that We Sing

Lay aside your book of history

What you hope to find there

You will also find here and now

Based on our need and greed

Based on our virtues and vices

As we fashion our daily lives

Societies and civilizations get shaped

We need but look into our own hearts

Where we will find in some measure
The songs that societies sing.

Two Kinds of Love

Love is of two kinds

Or so one finds

One kind is centred on
"O, what a feeling"

And the second kind

Attends always 

To the weal and woe

Of the "other" ---

Unless the first kind

Matures into the second kind

One knows not

What love truly is.