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1. Amor Fati 2. Always in heart 3. Who Are We Really

Amor Fati

With a head full of philosophy

How little I believed in love

No matter what its force

With which it swept my heart

I thought it did not matter

If I ignored my feelings

And it seemed to matter not

Except for a tugging at my heart

Or so I have tended to think

But for all my philosophy

And Truth-seeking bent of mind

I know not what I have missed

By ignoring my love-infused heart

And how far from Truth

I might have gone astray

But I embrace my fate

Knowing things couldn't have been

Other than what they are now

For my head even now as ever

Is full of philosophy and Truth-seeking

And my heart resides in my Being

As a mere second-class citizen.


Always in Heart

Ah, how can one forget one's love

No, never ever is that possible

So, I carry my love for you

As a sacred flame in my heart

That has the raw power

To burn away all the dross

That can infect my Being
Until I become one with Truth.

Who Are We Really

I may not be

Who I now think I am

If sages are to be believed

Nor any of my thoughts

And feelings and emotions

The real deal

They being based

On my false identification

With my body and mind

What you and I are

They say

Is some ethereal spirit

That is the source

Of all creation.

Discovering such a Truth

Would make life for me

Way more liveable

Bathed as I doubtless would be

In ineffable peace.