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1. Distrusting the Mind 2. Beyond Suffering

Distrusting the Mind

The great ones say

"The Self is all there was

The Self is all there is

The Self is all there will ever be."

But what then is this "reality"

That mind so stubbornly projects

How gullible am I

That I take it for real

And go on living my life

As if the Self does not exist

And gullibly also I accept

The sorrows along with the joys

That life has on offer

How long will I wallow thus

In mind-infused "reality"

Subjecting myself

To unnecessary misery

No more, no more

Time has come to call the bluff.


Beyond Suffering

Let the body suffer

A thousand blows

Let the mind suffer

A thousand hurts

I am only the spirit

Untouched by it all

Only a mere witness

To all that happens

But I forget often

This simple Truth
And seemingly suffer.