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1. Jailbirds 2. Spurning the World 3. God's Reply 4. What is Life?


O creature trapped in mind

Tossing from thought to thought

Why does your jail feel so nice

That you stick to it with each thought

Don't you feel like bursting through it

Into the vast expanse of pure consciousness?



Spurning the World

Nobody understands me when I say

God shouldn't have bothered

To create the world

And since most seem to think

Life is a precious thing

God shouldn't have bothered

At least to create me

I see no advantage to being alive

And you appear as a sage

In this dream world of ours

And purport to show me a way out

Of this dream world

Saying the world is a terrible place

So, in a way agreeing with me,

And I am now busy

In my own imperfect way

In trying to end this dream world

For myself

However satisfied others may be

Living out their lives.




God's Reply

Sam, my dear chap,

Before you spurn the world

Consider this:

I was forced to create the world

Because all you blokes

Were full to the brim with desires

For this and that

And how else do you expect

I could fulfil your desires

Except by creating a world

For you to sport in

If at long last

You have become wiser

Then spurn desires and not the world

Because without desires in your mind

The world is as good as non-existent

And will not be a cause of concern to you

And to renounce it all

Just realize you aren't the body-mind complex

But the consciousness that animates it

Voila, you'll be free at once, world or no world.



What is Life?

Life is but

A series of thoughts.