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1. Love and Truth 2. Humanesque Love

Love and Truth

I need to forget you

What is being achieved

By my remembering you thus

Except heartache

For my heart tells me ever

I would have been far, far happier

With you by my side

But such is life

It decreed otherwise

And as a sober guy

I bow to fate

Trusting it to take

Good care of thee

As it has done so far

And I shall search for Truth

Since Love has bypassed me

And hope to find that

In the final analysis
Love and Truth are the same.

Humanesque Love

We are human

All too human

Seeking love

From each other

And falling short

For each one

Operates under


Of one kind

Or another.

It is not given

To us humans

To be Jesus-like

In loving everyone

And even those

That we love

We love sparingly;

We love ourselves

Above all else.