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1. Oh, the Woe of It 2. Difficulty of Self-realisation 3. Safety, Security and Stability 4. Zilch Interest in Life

Oh, the Woe of It

I see disability, disease 

Disappointments and death 

All around

And become afraid

That I

Or a near and dear one

Might suffer a similar fate

And I feel clueless

On how I can take care

Of such a situation

Should one befall me.


Difficulty of Self-realisation

Very difficult it is

To shake off the illusion

That I am the body

That I am the mind

As the demands of life

Immerse you

In a whirlpool of thoughts.


Safety, Security and Stability

Holding on to the body

Holding on to the mind

I am in search of

Safety, Security, and stability

But realize sadly

That such search is untenable

Cause the body and mind

Are inexorably subject to change

As per the laws of Nature

As per the laws of God

Drop I should the identity

With the body and mind

And realize that my true nature

Is pure consciousness

In which alone

Is safety, security and stability.


Zilch Interest in Life

Life does not interest me

I could well walk into a hospital

And say to the transplant surgeon

Take my two kidneys

Take my heart

Take my lungs

Take my liver

Take my eyes

And transplant them

In others

Who are more gung-ho about life

But where is the transplant surgeon

Willing to listen and comply?