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1. A Supplication 2. Different and Alike 3. Tyranny of Thoughts

A Supplication

Oh, oh, oh

How deeply I believe

I am the body

While my Guru tells me

It is an error to so believe

Which clearly is the source

Of all my present misery

O, God Almighty

Nay, God the merciful

God the beneficent

Cure me of this malady

Whereby I take on

Bodily pleasures and pains

As my very own

And suffer consequently

What are you getting

Keeping me thus in bondage

To this physical body

Be not afraid

That your game will be upset

If you grant me liberation

From this attachment to body

I am sure you can fill my role

With someone else in my stead

Though perhaps I should not wish

This condition on anyone else

Nevertheless, quickly, very quickly

Snap this bond born of ignorance

Between me and my body

Because though for you

It is a pleasant game

For me it is death knell.


Different and Alike

The refugee

Comes knocking at your door

His complexion is different

He speaks in a different tongue

Though he resembles you

In ways you may not even know

Will you let him in

And let him build a house

On your land

And maybe invite him

Now and then

To your house

For a cup of tea?


Tyranny of Thoughts

Trapped I am

Not just in body,

Trapped I am

In mind, too.

Thoughts upon thoughts

Straitjacket me

In their vice-like grip.

No sooner than

I bid one thought goodbye

Another one

Come sailing along

In the expanse of my mind.

My very identity

Seems to depend on thought

I seem to be none else

Than who I think I am.

So I exist in the mind

Awash in thoughts

I know no other reality

Except as thoughts reveal it.

Some say there is a world

Fairer than this one

Where thoughts do not obtain

But trapped in mind

I cannot access it

Ah, to cease thinking

And come face to face

With Truth itself.