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1. Two Phases of Mind 2. What Does It Take? 3. Adieu

Two Phases of Mind

To the mind that is busy

Thinking and thinking

The world presents itself

In its myriad forms;

To the mind that is still

Absorbed in contemplation

The Self presents itself

In all its pristine glory.



What Does It Take?

O, God what does it take

To know the Truth

Here I am eager for it

Do you not see it

If you find me busy

With things other than Truth

For heaven's sake, cut me some slack

I am human after all, ain't I

I am perhaps as human as they come

And since you have made me

So vulnerable to every passing mood

To every passing thought and notion

Is it any wonder that I find it difficult

To keep my mind solely on the Truth

And, the laundry also needs to be done

From time to time.





Enough I have had of this world

I do not want to return to it

No, not ever again even once

This world is but a playground

For the senses and mind

And as far as sports go

I have had surfeit of them

What do I stand to gain

By continuing to sport in it

I want to switch off my mind

Calling a halt to this world drama.