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1. What Does It Take 2. Death or Jnana 3. Elaborate Hoax

What Does It Take

Dear God,

How much more virtuous

Do I have to be

Before this world-illusion is dispelled.


Dear God,

How much more self-effacing

Do I have to be

Before I am face to face with Truth.


Dear God,

How much more world-weary

Do I have to be

Before I attain the abode of freedom.


Death or Jnana

Why was I not asked

If I wanted to be born

And even if I did consent

Why am I still kept alive

When I do not desire to be

World need not exist

As far as I care

So I will royally ignore it

To the extent I can

And hopefully that convinces

God Almighty

That here is a bloke

Who would rather not exist

And so gives me

Either death once and for all

Or jnana instead

Which I am told

Amounts to the same.


Elaborate Hoax

What is the price I have to pay

To know the Truth

But Truth be told

I am already paying the price

For not knowing the Truth,

Miserable as I am.

Those in the know say

I am the Truth

Whether I know it now or not

What a cruel joke Truth is playing

On me (or is it on itself)

By taking on this human identity

Which seems to serve

No greater purpose

Than my own desires fulfilment

And desires as they come

Get boring after a while.