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What is the future for India with the education system completely collapsed?

I have to say that these days I am worried. Going to the campus and not having much to do is not only demoralizing but also very bad on my conscience. Everyday I ask myself, what is it for that I am being paid? Today as university teachers we draw salaries that are somewhat comparable to the ones drawn in the corporate world. I know the amount of pressure that the corporate world puts its people through on a person whose pay is comparable to mine. Here we seem to not accountable to anyone. I have been saying that most of the teachers in the university system and definitely in my university have no business being there. I find it difficult to digest the fact that they form Joint Action Committees with students and together they subvert and sabotage the system.


I cannot simply understand the logic of joint action committees. I can only say that they are a part of the pragmatic politics that are the norm of the day. Everyone is willing to form a joint action committee with anyone else if they can meet the goals that they want. Ethics and social responsibility are words that are totally alien to most people. It is as if the dictum of ends justify means is somehow self justifying. And this in the land of Gandhi who said that there was no way in which ends and means could be separated. A legitimate end is one that follows only morally sustainable means. With joint action committees involving the teachers and the students already the moral basis is dissolved, since morally and ethically students and teachers can come together on one platform only for issues that further education and learning. I know of so many instances teachers who have incited students against others have faced the wrath of the same set of students. Yet no one seems to be willing to learn lessons and so the tradition continues aided and abetted by the pragmatism of the politics of today.


It is sad to see that universities, especially mine seemed to have forgotten that they have been set up to impart education and knowledge. A university is only as good as its staff and students. In our case it is obvious that both teachers and staff are unwilling to treat education even as an incidental thing in the satisfaction of their self interests. To say that in all this education is a casualty is understating of an understatement. Teachers see the income they get in the form of salaries as a karmic due and therefore do not feel the necessity to work in order to justify them. They therefore move on to other things such as real estate, restaurants, farms, retail stores to supplement their income. And since these demand their presence on a regular basis they are to found here rather than in universities. With full salary fully assured and with no accountability of any variety they are happy to turn revolutionaries fighting for fissiparous causes.


P.S: I had written this post a while ago and as I was writing my internet connection was lost. I forgot about and only remembered it now. As it is with all self aggrandizing people I did not have the heart to just delete this post. So here it is, out of sync with the other posts. But bear with me please.